Saturday, October 15, 2011

The best is about to come

It is amazing!, we visit so many websites everyday and we just don´t know anything about domains, the differences between “com” and “org” or any other things that are really important when we surf on the net . We only care about what we need to know and, in many cases, don’t realize all the problems we can have or the time wasted in front of our computers because we don’t evaluate websites. Do all of us have the time to do so? Probably not but we definitely have to get used to it.

I have to admit that I haven’t taken into consideration the importance of evaluating websites since I started to search for technological resources at work. In my case having to check accuracy, acceptance, authority, coverage, relevance, etc, every time I evaluate a website is very time consuming especially when I need to attend to other important work issues, however,  it is necessary in order to avoid comments from our trainers like “I couldn’t access the website you gave me because a password was needed” or “It is a good site but it has too many ads” or even  “the site is so complicated that I couldn’t manage to do what I wanted”.

We must begin to do things right if we want to get better results, one of those things is "evaluate websites", what I have just become aware of, after all it is the purpose of taking this course.  

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