Sunday, October 23, 2011

From heaven to earth

I have to confess that I have had different reactions during this week. First, I really enjoyed the section dedicated to search engines. I have always used just Google but now I think that it can be very helpful to use more than one engine depending on what you want to get from the net and the time you have to do that, for example if the search is more academic “ERIC” is a good choice or if you look for something really different “Search Cube” is the one. I took a look at other engines suggested by Miguel such as “Web Crawler”, “Mamma” or “Jawoco “ which are good but not better that Google in my opinion. Learning about all this has been very enriching.

On the other hand, the section about “Copyright” has been very challenging and contradictory. I thought I knew more about it. 
Our work demands the use of a lot of videos, images, audio CD’s, CD ROM’s, websites and so on. Can we say that it is legal the way we have been using them? Not at all! I‘m very confused; why can we make a back-up copy of a cassette but we can’t do the same with a CD or a CD ROM if they are what we really use nowadays? Cassettes are old fashioned!... Moreover, I didn’t understand why we need permission to use music in class if lyrics can be legally printed or why it is permitted to make copies of just a little part of a book (5-10%) but we can cut up and re-assemble a whole book. All this has made me reflect on what we are doing in class to help our students, regarding teaching needs we are legally allowed to do some things but, are they enough??

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